When we started this Vlog, Perfect Timing, we had no idea what was really in store for our family.The timing of our life events have always been in Gods hands, and this surprise is icing on the cake! God really does have a sense of humor! TWO SETS OF TWINS!?!?! Yes, we were just as surprised as you!

We are so thrilled, happy, scared, nervous, blessed, and fortunate to share this experience with all of you. Will you come along for the CRAZY ride we have already started?

Here’s to another set of TWINS!

Stay tuned for updates! If you have a POSITIVE comment, words of advice, Tip on raising TWO sets of TWINS, a funny joke, or even just a “congrats!”, please leave it in the comments below so that we can document every person who will have impacted our pregnancy! We love you all very much!