Last June, my dad’s whole body turned yellow in color. He visited a few doctors and took a few tests. A few days later, his doctor said that there was a mass in the head of the pancreas. This was causing blockage, which resulted in the yellowing of his skin. It was cancer and he was given 6 months to live.

The next day we visited a well known hospital in Los Angeles, CA, where we were praying to get an appointment. Our prayers came true, the next thing we know he had an endoscopic ultra sound.

Exactly 1 week later on the 4th of July he was admitted to our local hospital for the Whipple surgery. JUST GET IT OUT! and the amazing Hayashi doctors did just that.

I am so blessed that our prays have came true and my dad just finished Chemo. As of right now there is no signs of cancer. It’s gone for now and hopefully we will never see it again. 🙂

Pancreatic Cancer is the real deal and there are more and more cases popping up. I will pray for everyone going through this and any other cancer, its just not fun. Keep your heads up, stay positive and stay active.

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Notes pertaining to My Dad’s Pancreatic Cancer Experience

First signs of something gone wrong and looking back:

Acid indigestion and nothing he took would work for about a week
Jaundice found in his eyes
Clay colored stool (light gray)
Dark Urine

CT Scan (Selma Carlson Diagnostic Center, SLO) GP Referral/MRI for confirmation (Five Cities Imaging, PB) Gastroenterologist Referral/Endoscopic Ultrasound to take a biopsy and to determine the size (Cedar Sinai, LA) Gastroenterologist Referral/All images and results were sent to Dr. Edwin Hayashi, Surgeon (PB Office) Gastroenterologist Referral/A SLO Medical Group determined the clearance for procedure go-ahead presented by Dr. Hayashi to move ahead immediately….hence “The Whipple Procedure”

After a successful operation:

Oncologist determines treatment/Dr. Margaret Tempero, M.D. Director of the UCSF Pancreas Cancer Center and leader of the Pancreas Cancer Program, SFO (Dr. Palchak, Oncologist Referral for second opinion and spoke to Dr. Tempero personally) Clinical Trails were discussed. (Valuable Website: UCSF Medical Center – Margaret Tempero, MD. – Gastrointestinal cancer specialist…Conditions and Treatments – Pancreatic Cancer…clinical trials)

Dad’s treatment plan: They started him on Gemcitabine; a needle in the vein administered treatment once a week. They added Xeloda (Capecitabine); an aggressive chemo treatment taken by mouth as a pill for a 14 day segment then discontinued Xeloda (Capecitabine) from his treatment plan. He later had a port implanted (minor surgery) for easier access to his vein for the Gemcitabine and any additional medications needed.